Site Based Team

This contract was developed by Jackson students and adopted by the students, teachers, and parents of Jackson's Site-Based Team. All students and parents are requested to sign this contract indicating that students understand and are expected to respect and abide by this code of conduct. Individual teachers may have additional rules that will be explained to their classes.

Classroom Behavior:

1. Listen to and respect your teacher.

2. Show respect for other students.

3. Raise your hand when you want to speak

4. Wait your turn to speak.

5. Always try your best.

6. Laughing at another person's mistakes is unacceptable.

7. Teasing people is not allowed.

8. There will be no fighting amongst students.

9. Use of bad language is not allowed.

10. Always come to class prepared.

Hallway Rules:

1. Respect safety patrol. Don't talk back to safety patrol or anyone else in authority.

2. Walk quietly. Running, jogging, or sprinting is not allowed.

3. If your teacher is not in the classroom in the morning, sit down outside your room.

4. Stay on the silver line at all times during arrival and dismissal.

5. Pushing, shoving, or fighting is unacceptable behavior.

Bathroom Rules:

1. Always take a pass when you go to the bathroom.

2. No running is allowed entering or exiting the bathroom.

3. Proper behavior is expected at all times while in the bathroom.

4. Wash your hands before leaving the bathroom.

Cafeteria Rules:

1. Please walk as you enter and exit the cafeteria.

2. Be respectful to everyone.

3. Get permission from an adult to leave your seat.

4. Use a quiet, inside voice.

5. Keep our feet out of the aisles.

6. Avoid shaking or moving the benches or tables.

7. Clean up after you eat.

Auditorium Rules:

1. Enter the auditorium quietly.

2. Talking is not permitted during a movie or an assembly.

3. Have positive thoughts about the movie or assembly program.

4. Remember to show your appreciation with applause at the end of a performance.

5. Food is not permitted in the auditorium.

6. At the end of the movie or assembly, remain in your seats until your class is called.

Bus Rules:

1. Listen to and respect your bus driver. He or she is in charge.

2. Remain seated while the bus is moving.

3. Bad language is not permitted on the bus.

4. Screaming is not permitted on the bus.

5. Seat belts are available if your parents have advised you to use them.

6. Stay five feet away from the bus while crossing the street so that the driver can see you, thus avoiding any accident.