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Email Guidelines

Jericho teachers and administrators may be contacted directly by e-mail or telephone. E-mail addresses follow the format of first initial last name So, for example, Patrick Fogarty's e-mail address is If you are unsuccessful in contacting a staff member, please send Patrick Fogarty, Jericho's Director of Technology, an e-mail ( and he will assist you.

E-mail is a useful way of contacting teachers, but the medium has limitations. Please observe the following guidelines when e-mailing teaching staff.

  • Teachers are frequently unable to read their e-mail during their teaching day. As a result, e-mail is not useful for same day messages such as requests for assignments for an absent student, changes in transportation plans, etc.
  • It may take up to two days to get a response from a teacher.
  • Teachers may not read e-mail during vacations and on weekends.
  • E-mail is an excellent medium for short notes regarding notification of events and other logistics. It is not as good a medium for long descriptive narratives. Please do not expect extensive comments from teachers. These are more properly obtained through the regular channels of telephone calls, parent conferences and report cards.
  • Many teachers prefer telephone communication. Please leave a telephone number in your e-mail so that teachers have the option of getting back to you by phone.
  • E-mail is not an official document and so may not be used for absence notes, changes in pickup, playdates, etc.
  • Please do not telephone and e-mail about the same issue as this may lead to a confusing situation. Choose whichever medium is most convenient to you.
  • Please check the "Chain of Communication" for your child's school if you are unsure about whom to contact.